Please view the links to the left for information on the John Dos Passos Society.

Please consider becoming a member to support us in our efforts to revive interest in Dos Passos scholarship through this website, panels at the American Literature Association conference, publication opportunities, etc. Your membership fee will go toward funding our newsletter, and our eventual hope is to generate enough interest to hold a bi-annual conference starting in October of 2014.

Contributions to this website in the form of teaching ideas, panel ideas, calls for papers, publication opportunities, etc. can be sent to JDPSociety@gmail.com.

Questions about membership, upcoming newsletters, future panels, nominations for executive board slots, etc. can be directed to The John Dos Passos Society email address (JDPSociety@gmail.com) where they will be answered by one of the Society's officers: President - Wesley Beal, Vice-President - Lisa Nanney, or Victoria M. Bryan - Secretary - Treasurer and Conference Organizer.

(Society co-founded by Aaron Shaheen and Victoria M. Bryan.)