Helpful Links

Below are some links that may prove useful as you track down Dos Passos scholarship, plan to teach Dos Passos in a course, or attempt to flesh out some of his more difficult writing.

The Official John Dos Passos Website:

The Dos Passos Papers at the University of Virginia:

An Interview with John Dos Passos Coggin in Promotion of the First Biennial John Dos Passos Society Conference:

Digital Dos Passos:
A website that aims to annotate the U.S.A. trilogy’s newsreel sections by showcasing their media references (newsreels, audio files, digitized newspapers, and photographs) as well as providing annotations that situate the newsreel’s fragments in a clear historical context.

Century’s Ebb: A Blog on the Life and Work of John Dos Passos:
A blog by Richard Wall (University of Birmingham in England) that fleshes out why John Dos Passos should be rediscovered and reconsidered by focusing on Dos Passos’s passionate interest in roots, locality, and origins.