Membership and Donations

We hope you will consider becoming a member and supporting the John Dos Passos Society. Membership is $50 per year ($25 for graduate students) and runs August to July. Your membership fee will pay for our yearly newsletter "The Speech of the People" and will help fund our upcoming John Dos Passos conferences. Two other ways to support the society are through the Graduate Student Travel Grant (which will help graduate students attend conferences) or through a standard donation.

Please use our PayPal button below to pay your membership fee or donate. Upon receiving the membership fee, our Secretary-Treasurer will send you a membership form.

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If you would prefer to send a check, please send an email to to let us know.


John Dos Passos Society Graduate Student Travel Fund

As our biennial conference continues to grow and expand internationally, we have decided to establish a graduate student travel fund. You can make a donation to this fund here.

Other Donations to the John Dos Passos Society

If you're interested in making other donations to the John Dos Passos Society, please use the PayPal button above. These donations will help pay for our newsletter publication, our biennial conference, and other necessities of running this Society.